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23.3.2021, Admin

SMO comes to your aid where your site has not improved in SEO and has remained stable. Influence the popularity of social networks and make a good place on the first pages of Google. In the following, we will examine the most influential social networks.

What is SMO?

SMO stands for Social media optimization and means social network optimization .
SMO has a direct impact on the popularity of your site on the Internet. The main definition of SMO is, when you put content on your site or business account and people react to your content, it means that your content is important and effective and in such a situation Google Gives special importance to your site.

How does SMO affect the site?

Social networks work with two types of accounts. (Business account and personal account) Each of these accounts has its own impact on your site. Your content should be in both types of accounts and each of them separately affects the SEO and popularity of the site.
Google can well monitor the activity of the site on social media traffic networks . Content, images and videos are all identifiable to Google, as well as the actual number of followers of the site on social networks is very important to Google and gives the site more value to work on social networks .
Social media optimization means sharing content on a personal account, SMO It will only be effective if the content or products it contains are attractive to the user to share with others or on their personal account.
In general, users' reactions to your content include how much they like it, how much they comment, and how much your content is shared. Facebook and Google+ have the most impact on these reactions, which we will explain in more detail below.

Impact of fast sharing buttons on social networks

Using these buttons and sharing content on social networks such as Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter will completely shift your ranking in SEO .
The use of these buttons is more common in countries outside of Iran, and unfortunately in our country they do not pay much attention to the use of these buttons. However, even if a small amount of your content is shared, it will still not be ineffective and the result will be satisfactory.

Check social networks and their impact on SEO Site
Many social networks are active and using each of them is not without merit. Among these are networks that have a greater impact on SEO . In the following, we will explain about these tools.

Google Plus Google + impact on SEO Site

In the last few years, Google Plus has had a great impact on SEO , so that in less than a day, you will see the effect on your site ranking.
The impact of Google Plus is not over yet, but it is less than before. However, all you have to do is share your site content on Google Plus and try this.
You can have any number of likes, comments and shares in Google Plus profiles. Also keep in mind that Google Plus is Google's own social network and under Google, so rest assured it will pay special attention to it.

Facebook The impact of Facebook on SEO Site

Facebook has a positive and positive effect on your SEO By testing and examining the importance of Facebook, you will see the impact clearly.
We suggest you create a business page and place your content directly on the business page.
Sharing on a personal page is also very effective because it is the user's reaction to the good content of the site.
You can put video on your business or personal pages. Posting video directly on Facebook as well as getting links from YouTube is very effective. We suggest you post your video on YouTube and share it on Facebook. This will greatly affect the speed of your site index, SEO and popularity of your site .

Twitter Twitter impact on SEO Site

Twitter, like other broadcasters can SEO your site Twitter to help but did not affect the size of other networks. However, if you plan to use this network as well, you must be sure that users will share your content with a large number. If the above retweet is done for your content, it will have a very good effect on the SEO site.

We suggest that you appear fully active on this social network if you intend to use Twitter.

LinkedIn Linkedin impact on SEO Site

LinkedIn is the best environment to place your articles. The best way you can use this social network is to write an article and publish it on LinkedIn. The impact of LinkedIn is enormous and the social signal is very strong.

Listen to this audio file: What is LinkedIn and what are the benefits of joining it?

Instagram The impact of Instagram on SEO

Instagram is not as effective as other social networks, but if you want to use this network to improve your business, be sure to create a business page.
You can use this social network to make your brand name famous, but it will not affect SEO as much as other social networks .
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Telegram Telegram impact on SEO Site

Telegram, like Instagram, will not have a significant impact on improving the site's ranking. However, it can be said that if we have good content and good website traffic packages or images for our Telegram channel and write our content in a way that encourages the reader to read more on the site. If we follow, we can significantly increase site visits.
To get more results from Telegram on your business video file Why should we use Telegram for our business? Be sure to see.


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